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Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 - No Code Necessary

The Forgotten Girl (Lynn Rivers Mysteries, Book One) by LJ Bourne

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***Limited time offer: Receive the novella A Life by the Sea (Lynn Rivers FBI Mysteries) when you purchase The Forgotten Girl here! The gift novella will be added to your cart automatically.***


An FBI Special Agent's violent past collides with the present in LJ Bourne's new blood-chilling thriller of murder, rage and dark secrets.

A dead girl in the woods. A well-known suspect. Twenty-year-old secrets coming to light.

Special Agent Lynn Rivers is sent to investigate a nightmare of a case. The mutilated body of her closest friend’s daughter has been found at a campsite. Lynn has known the victim all her life. From the outset it’s clear this will be one of the hardest cases she’s ever worked on. But she is determined to see it through, no matter what she finds.

That promise gets harder and harder to keep as suspects are thin on the ground and the main one is a man Lynn once knew well. A man who was the prime suspect in the death of another of Lynn’s friends twenty years ago—a cold case that still haunts her.

The two murders are different, yet eerily similar. To find the killer, Lynn will have to face all the dark ghosts of her past.

And this time, she might not survive it.

The Forgotten Girl is the first book in a brand-new mystery series by LJ Bourne – Lynn Rivers Mysteries. If you enjoy psychological thrillers full of dark twists and turns this book is for you!

A must read for fans of Lisa Gardner, Mary Burton and Karin Slaughter. 



When you pre-order The Forgotten Girl (Lynn Rivers Mysteries, Book One) from this website, you will immediately receive a electronic copy of the novella A Life by The Sea, which features the heroine of this new series as she struggles to solve one of her more trying cases as an undercover FBI Agent.

More about the gift...

A Life by the Sea (Lynn Rivers FBI Mysteries Novella) by LJ Bourne

Dark Seas. Darker Secrets.

FBI Special Agent Lynn Rivers has successfully completed eight undercover missions so far. She's been working non-stop for the past eight years to prove herself and escape her own past. Her current mission is working undercover as a live-in nanny for a West Coast billionaire's two toddlers.

He is suspected of many vile crimes, including the murder of his wife. Lynn has no doubt she can bring him to justice.

But what she does doubt is whether he is guilty at all...