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🌹Thank you for buying direct from the author!🌹Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 - No Code Necessary

Harper's Song (Devil’s Nightmare MC Next Generation, Book 3) by Lena Bourne

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Harper’s Song: Devil’s Nightmare MC Next Generation is the third book in the spin-off from the mega popular Devil’s Nightmare MC series by USA Today Bestselling Author Lena Bourne. Reconnect with your old favorite characters and get to know the new generation! Standalone story, HEA guaranteed!


Jax and I have been together since forever… or close enough. Until he decided I’m better off without him. Then he just disappeared into the night and cut me off completely.

I’m not better off, but I will get on with my life. I’m a singer and I’m going on my first tour. Alone. Without him. Even though the plan was always for the two of us to ride together.

I’ll have to go alone, because now he also landed himself in prison. Who knows when he’s coming out. Or if he’s ever coming out.

I don’t ever want to see him again.

But only because I know one glance, one word, one touch will make me fall for him all over again.

And when I visit him in prison, that’s exactly what happens.

But now we really have no future. He might spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Trouble is, there are no songs when he’s gone, no music.


Harper’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

My life’s always been one bad thing after another. From my father getting sent to prison when I was four to my mother putting me in foster care every time she got sick of me. Then Devil’s Nightmare MC took me in and Harper was mine. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

Until her father made it clear she’s off limits… or else. He’s Scar, the MC’s torturer and the kind of guy you believe when he makes a threat.

So I left. Since, he’s right that I’m a no good nobody and Harper is too good for me.

But I was wrong. I can’t stop thinking about her. And when I find out she’s in danger, nothing will stop me from protecting her.

Not thick prison walls.

Not threats from her father.

And certainly not the mistakes I’ve made in the past.

She’s mine.

And I’m hers.

Harper’s Song: Devil's Nightmare MC Next Gen Book 3 is a biker romance novel, which contains steamy scenes and deals with disturbing themes that may be uncomfortable for some readers. Intended for 18+ audiences.