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🌹Thank you for buying direct from the author!🌹Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 - No Code Necessary
🌹Thank you for buying direct from the author!🌹Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 - No Code Necessary

Summer's Edge (Devil’s Nightmare MC Next Generation, Book 5) by Lena Bourne

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Summer’s Edge: Devil's Nightmare MC Next Generation is the fifth book in the spin-off from the mega popular Devil's Nightmare MC series by USA Today Bestselling Author Lena Bourne. Reconnect with your old favorite characters and get to know the new generation! Standalone story, HEA guaranteed!

Two people stuck in a cabin. One Bed. No future.


I lost my soul a long time ago. Sold it to the Devil. But she’s always been there. Summer. A ray of sunshine so hot even I thought she could save me. But I gave up on that dream a long time ago. Her father is Ice, one of the most senior members of Devil’s Nightmare MC. Out of respect for him, I’ve stayed away from her.

But then we find ourselves stuck in a secluded cabin, just the two of us, forced to share one bed. And respect for her father will only get me so far when she’s lying next to me nearly naked. I’m not thinking about tomorrow because I might not live past today. All I know is that I need her like I’ve never needed anything or anyone.

Then real life comes crashing in and I’m suddenly the only one standing between her and danger.

But I am the bigger danger.


I gave up waiting for Edge a long time ago. Or so I thought. Until a night of passion neither of us planned changed it all. But it can’t last. Or can it?

Our stay in the cabin was amazing. A life within a life. But what happens when we leave and return to the real world?

He’ll go back to being the soulless killer he was.

And I’ll go back to being the woman he can never claim as his own.

What happens in a cabin in the woods stays there. Right?

Not if I have anything to say about it!

Summer’s Edge: Devil's Nightmare MC Next Gen Book 5 is a biker romance novel, which contains steamy scenes and deals with disturbing themes that may be uncomfortable for some readers. Intended for 18+ audiences.