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🌹Thank you for buying direct from the author!🌹Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 - No Code Necessary
🌹Thank you for buying direct from the author!🌹Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 - No Code Necessary

Hunter's Girl (Devil’s Nightmare MC Next Generation, Book 4) by Lena Bourne

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Hunter's Girl: Devil's Nightmare MC Next Generation is the fourth book in the spin-off from the mega popular Devil's Nightmare MC series by USA Today Bestselling Author Lena Bourne. Reconnect with your old favorite characters and get to know the new generation! Standalone story, HEA guaranteed!

Trixie+Hunter. The love story that wasn't meant to be. But was.


My father is the president of one of the most notorious biker clubs and I'm expected to take over when he steps down. Especially after the whole club rode to avenge an attack on me. Trixie is not the kind of woman anyone wants to see by my side. But Trixie is also the only woman I ever loved. And that's never changing.

But she's left me more times than she's come back. And this time I'm not going after her.

Like always, the longer we're apart, the harder it becomes to stay away. Until the only thing that brings me any kind of peace is the thought of her in my arms. In my bed. In my life.


But f*** all that!

She wants to run? Fine. Be free? Fine. Ruin her life completely? Why not?

Living without her is bound to get easier. It has to.

Because it can't get any worse.


I can't imagine a world in which I don't love Hunter. No matter how hard I try. And I've been trying very, very hard in the last nine months since I saw him last. All the was ever good in my life he's given me. But every memory I have of him now ends with him bleeding out in my arms.

Because that's what almost happened and it was all my fault.

He's better off without me. Better off not knowing me. Better off not loving me. I've always known it.

I can stay away and give him that. And this time I will.

Whatever it takes.

Hunter's Girl: Devil's Nightmare MC Next Gen Book 4 is a biker romance novel, which contains steamy scenes and deals with disturbing themes that may be uncomfortable for some readers. Intended for 18+ audiences.