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🌹Thank you for buying direct from the author!🌹Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 - No Code Necessary
🌹Thank you for buying direct from the author!🌹Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 - No Code Necessary

E&M Investigations Series Bundle by LJ Bourne

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Ready to binge read a new suspenseful mystery series? Join Eva Lah, an investigative journalist turned private investigator as she tracks down and catches killers that no one else can catch. Often risking her own life in the process! 


The Fairytale Killer
A serial killer prowls the city streets. Murdering young women and arranging them as princesses from beloved fairytales. US Military Special Investigator Mark Novak and his journalist girlfriend Eva Lah race against the clock to catch him before he strikes again. But the monster they’re hunting is cold-blooded and clever. And always one step ahead.

Pretty Places
Young people are dying in suspicious circumstances, but the police failed to connect the cases for almost two decades. Investigative journalist Eva Lah has found the connection--a ruthless serial killer so well hidden, he could go on killing for decades more. But the problem is, no one believes her.

Bad Roads
Eight years ago, a cold-blooded murderer got away with brutally killing a young woman. And now he’s killing again to cover his tracks. Mark Novak and Eva Lah are determined to stop him. But this killer enjoys his freedom too much to let anyone expose him. And if they get too close, this could be the last case Mark and Eva ever investigate.

Lazy Days
The hunt for the killer is on, yet the body count keeps rising. Eva and Mark are certain that dark secrets from the past are behind the deaths. But whose past? Eva is determined to find justice for her old friend. No matter what it takes. And no matter who it hurts. But the person she’s hunting already proved how easily they can kill. And they’ll do it again in a heartbeat.

Ever After
Eva and Mark race against the clock to find the person behind the killings of young women before history repeats itself in all its gruesome glory. And before this murderer finishes what the Fairytale Killer started.

Calm Waters
The hunt is for a serial killer is on. Evidence is thin on the ground and resistance by local authorities to reopening old cases is staunch. But Eva and former US Military Special Investigator Mark Novak begin looking into the cases anyway. But they have woken a sleeping monster and now that he’s out in the light, anything can happen.

The Fall
A small town is shaken by the sudden death of the local butcher who fell to his death during a hike. While it may seem like an accident, the victim's mother believes it to be murder. US Military Special Investigator Mark Novak is charged with solving the case. But he soon finds himself faced with more questions than answers.

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