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🌹Thank you for buying direct from the author!🌹Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 - No Code Necessary
🌹Thank you for buying direct from the author!🌹Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 - No Code Necessary

Get an Early Copy of The Forgotten Girl (Lynn Rivers Mysteries, Book One) by LJ Bourne

We have some very exciting news today! The first book in LJ Bourne's new mystery series - Lynn Rivers Mysteries - is done! It's called The Forgotten Girl and follows FBI Special Agent Lynn Rivers as she investigates the gruesome murder of a young woman she watched grow up. And if this wasn’t horrific enough, the crime itself is eerily similar to another that Lynn has had to survive.

Twenty years ago, her best friend was killed only a few short miles from the spot where the new victim was found. That case was never solved and it has never stopped haunting Lynn. Catching this killer will mean raking up the past Lynn has spent two decades running away from. And this time, it could very well be the death of her.

The book will be available in Spring, 2024, but you can get it as early as January 2024 through the Kickstarter campaign for it.

Here's the link to the Kickstarter:

It will go live this Thursday afternoon, but to make sure you don't miss it, please click "Notify on Launch" and you'll be alerted the moment the campaign goes live.

Thanks so much for your support!

More about the book...

The Forgotten Girl (Lynn Rivers Mysteries, Book One)

An FBI Special Agent's violent past collides with the present in LJ Bourne's new blood-chilling thriller of murder, rage and dark secrets.

A dead girl in the woods. A well-known suspect. Twenty-year-old secrets coming to light.

Special Agent Lynn Rivers is sent to investigate a nightmare of a case. The mutilated body of her closest friend’s daughter has been found at a campsite. Lynn has known the victim all her life. From the outset it’s clear this will be one of the hardest cases she’s ever worked on. But she is determined to see it through, no matter what she finds.

That promise gets harder and harder to keep as suspects are thin on the ground and the main one is a man Lynn once knew well. A man who was the prime suspect in the death of another of Lynn’s friends twenty years ago—a cold case that still haunts her.

The two murders are different, yet eerily similar. To find the killer, Lynn will have to face all the dark ghosts of her past.

And this time, she might not survive it.


Here's the link to the Kickstarter again:

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